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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a closeout?
A closeout is an item reduced in price for liquidation. This occurs for a variety of reasons and following are a few examples.

Discontinued model: This item is no longer in production. Most commonly, the manufacturer is replacing a product to make room for a new model. Many of the products you currently own are probably now discontinued.

Discontinued finish: This item is still produced but the color has been discontinued.

Slight model change: This can be as simple as a change in packaging or an alteration affecting the products appearance. This often happens when the company changes to a new manufacturer.

Manufacturer's overstock: This item was overprodced and the company is simply reducing their inventory.

Factory 2nd: This item is cosmetically imperfect. Usually finish flaws or incorrect color.

Refurbished: The manufacturer repairs a product that was damaged in shipping. These items usually have new components and/or the item was refinished.

Display sample: This item was formally used for display purposes.

Do closeout items have a warranty?
Yes. These products are usually covered by the manufacturer's warranty. There may be limitations as to finish if the product is tagged "as-is".

Are closouts safe?
Absolutely! We never sell products that are defective in regard to functionality. We do not sell items that have been recalled.

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